Elecampane Master Class

Have you heard of elecampane? Herbalists love this herb for many reasons. It’s valuable for lung health, digestive wellness, and even emotional self care.

Teacup Alchemy is delighted to present our first online course! The Elecampane Master Class is a perfect introduction to a beautiful, versatile herb.

Learn from herbalist and author Agatha Noveille as she shares insights, tips, and valuable background on working with one of her favorite plants.

“Elecampane is a favorite in my garden and for personal use. The history behind this herb is phenomenal, and I love sharing just how versatile this plant can be.”

Agatha Noveille

Five Lessons for Home Herbalists

Beginners will love this class, but there’s something for everyone. After finishing the lessons, you will know:

  • A botanical snapshot of elecampane
  • Detailed history of traditional use
  • Modern perspectives on safe use
  • Tips for working with elecampane at home
  • Four artfully designed recipes

Take quizzes with each lesson to measure your progress and earn a certificate of completion once you are finished!

Recipe from the Elecampane Master Class

Learning herbal history is only half the fun. Agatha’s creative recipes are featured in lesson five, but they are a highlight of the course!

This course includes recipes for:

  • aniseed and orange bitters
  • bright and sunny pineapple syrup
  • this special elixir
  • an overnight tea for your morning routine

Curious about the recipes included with the course? Read Agatha’s elecampane elixir recipe here as a preview!

More About the Course

Ready to sign up for class? The Elecampane Master Class is an online mini course. Complete each lesson at your own pace and earn a certificate of completion to celebrate your achievement!

Prefer to study offline? Download and print a PDF of each lesson.

Enroll here at Teacup Alchemy’s school page and use the coupon code TEACUP25 to receive 25% off your enrollment.

Thanks for joining us for our first class!

Herbalist and Writer | Related Articles

A freelance writer and herbalist since 2011, Agatha is dedicated to creating an online reader and listener supported platform supporting her work as an herbalist. Her focus in herbalism includes sustainable agriculture, community wellness and accessibility, and botanical conservation.

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