February 2020 News and Adventures

Things have been very quiet here and at our sister site, Indie Herbalist. As usual, that just means I’ve been crazy busy behind the scenes!

2020 is shaping up to be an exciting year. Here’s how that looks so far:

Official Teacup Alchemy Launch!

We will officially be launching Teacup Alchemy May 1st, bringing you weekly podcasts and new herbalism guides and recipe books. Rather than focus so much on the traditional publishing world, I will be building a Patron community of like-minded souls who are interested in supporting my writing. Working as a freelancer is exhausting, and it’s time to get my work directly into the hands of the people who love it most! I’m truly excited about the podcast, as well. Perks for Patrons include extra podcast episodes and exclusive articles.

Teaching at Good Medicine Confluence

I will be teaching at the Good Medicine Confluence in Durango, Colorado – also in May! (We’re still finalizing the topics, but there will be more info soon). If you’re planning to go, don’t be shy! I hope you will come find me at my marketplace table or stop by for one of my classes.

Exciting New Garden Plans for 2020

I’ve been finishing up my garden plans for this year. Rhodiola? Pink dandelions? Yes please! There are lots of new medicinals planned for the garden. These will end up in articles, books and newsletters later this year. I’m also planning to work with some homestead gardening this year featuring Southern heirlooms like Moon and Stars watermelons and Tennessee Red Cob corn.

Canine Herbalism

The 2020 editorial calendar for Indie Herbalist is almost finished, too. An editorial calendar is how I plan out blog posts and articles for my readers. Because I do my own photography, planning far in advance helps me track what I need to do, and when. I will be posting once or twice a month about herb gardening, herbal first aid, and the usual topics. New for this year, my dog, Chaucer, gets his own column about Canine Herbalism!

In the meantime, I will keep you posted with monthly newsletters and behind the scenes happenings! If you’d like to get the Teacup Alchemy Newsletter directly to your inbox, the sign up is here.

Much love and herbal merriment,


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A freelance writer and herbalist since 2011, Agatha is dedicated to creating an online reader and listener supported platform supporting her work as an herbalist. Her focus in herbalism includes sustainable agriculture, community wellness and accessibility, and botanical conservation.

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