Teacup Alchemy produces two herbal podcasts each month. One is open access, and one is for Patrons. Here’s the current schedule for podcast programming!

July 2020

This July, we take an in-depth look at herbal safety. The Patron’s podcast examines three categories of herbs to support emotional health.

An Herbalist’s Guide to Herbal Safety

Open Access

It may be natural, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe! Discover potential pitfalls and trouble spots. Learn how to use herbs with clarity, intention, and wisdom.

What Types of Herbs can Support Emotional and Mental Wellbeing?

Patron Access

Adaptogens, nervines, and nootropics are three types of herbs that help our bodies cope with emotional and cognitive challenges. Learn about these three herbal categories and some examples of each.

August 2020

Continuing July’s theme of herbal safety, let’s take a look at how to talk like an herbalist. Are you using herbal language that could potentially get you into trouble? August’s Patron podcast looks at an herbal approach to healthy immunity.

How to Use Safer Herbal Language (and Why It’s So Important)

Open Access

In the United States, herbalists need to consider what they say and how they say it. Here are some guidelines for talking like an herbalist. Whether you see yourself working with clients, volunteering in your community, creating herbal products, or even writing about herbs.

An Herbal Approach to Healthy Immunity

Patron Access

Don’t fall into the simplistic “antibiotic” and “antiviral” herb traps. Learn to think holistically about immunity and the types of herbs that may support healthy immune function.

September 2020

This month, learn what it takes to become an herbalist. What do herbalists do? What does an herbal career look like? For Patrons, we will examine a home apothecary question. When it comes to using herbs: Fresh or dried? Which is better?

Creating a Personal Path to Become an Herbalist

Open access

Being an herbalist requires dedication. Curiosity and open-mindedness also help! However, being an herbalist can mean different things. Learn common herbal career paths and how to set yourself up for success.

Are Fresh or Dried Herbs Better?

Patron Access

People get very attached to the idea that fresh herbs are always best. However, good quality dried herbs are just as serviceable. In some cases, they might actually be the better choice. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each and discover how to identify the best quality dried herbs.

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