Welcome to Teacup Alchemy! I’m an herbalist in Atlanta, Georgia. I am an associate member of the American Herbalist Guild and an AFPA-certified health coach. My style of herbalism is clinical, focused, and always referenced, so you know you are receiving the highest-quality information available.

I provide one-on-one herbal wellness coaching through the telehealth app Practice Better. If you’ve been looking for a goal-focused herbalist to help you with your health concerns and wellness goals, let’s chat!

As an herbalist, I specialize in working with clients who:

  • are looking for ways to optimize their wellness and thrive
  • are tired of feeling worn out and stressed out
  • are looking for ways to support their well-being in the face of chronic health challenges

My experience with Lyme disease means I understand what it feels like to be on a long road to recovery.

Getting started with herbal wellness can feel like being lost in a maze. If you’re not sure where to start in supporting your body optimally with herbs, I will help you find the resources you need to create a personalized map.

Who is likely to benefit from Teacup Alchemy’s herbalist & wellness coaching?

People who are proactive about their health and ready to make lifestyle changes are typically a good fit for using herbs to support wellness.

You can find more information about my services below.

A Month of Support

I offer two options of month-by-month herbal support. Each offers a text or video chat and 30 days of support. Opt for the text-based plan if you prefer a scheduled text chat instead of a video chat.

After that, we will continue to message back and forth in the Practice Better App for the next 30 days. We will outline your goals and practical steps to achieve them during this time. I will also present a personalized list of herbs and lifestyle suggestions.

Not sure if herbal care is for you? Chat with an herbalist!

I offer complimentary “meet the herbalist” video calls so you can find out more about using herbs for supporting wellness. We won’t select any herbs for you during this call. However, this is a great way to ask questions about what an herbalist can help you work on and learn more about my personal approach as an herbalist and if we would make a good fit.

Free herbal resources

Looking for more herbal info? Tune in to the weekly Teacup Alchemy podcast to learn about herbs and wellness. Also, please enjoy reading the free herbal articles on our blog!