A cup of tulsi golden milk.

Tulsi is an adaptogen often used in herbal teas, but it’s great in other recipes too. Adaptogens, of course, are an important class of herbs being studied for the ways they support healthy mood, energy, and immunity. I often talk about them on our podcast and here on the blog. Tulsi is also known as holy basil, and the scientific name for this plant is Ocimum tenuiflorum.

These recipes are a great way to add adaptogens to your wellness routines, and they are a refreshing, creative alternative to sipping tulsi tea. Read on to discover holy basil green tea ice pops, golden milk with fresh holy basil, and more!

Frozen pink and yellow ice pops made from peaches and raspberries.

Holy basil green tea ice pops

These simple green tea ice pops are perfect for summer. I use Republic of Tea’s Serenity blend (#affiliate). It’s a heavenly blend of green tea, lavender, and holy basil that goes especially well with raspberry and peach.

Find the recipe here.

Herbal sparkling water in a fancy glass.

Lavender tulsi sparkling water

For only having three ingredients, this recipe is surprisingly sophisticated. Not to mention, it’s delicious. This is one of my go-to recipes for holy basil. So simple! Perfect for busy days. Lavender is a nice balance to tulsi’s clove-like taste. I like to use Herb Pharm’s holy basil extract for this recipe (#affiliate).

Find the recipe here.

A cup of tulsi golden milk.

Tulsi Tumeric Golden Milk

Fresh ginger, turmeric and coconut milk are the base for this oh-so-refreshing tulsi sip. This recipe calls for fresh holy basil, so you might need to grow your own (they make lovely container plants). You can also check at farmer’s markets to see if there’s a local source. I prefer this one chilled, but I’ve heard it’s also great warm!

Find the recipe here.

Brain boost tonic with tulsi recipe

Looking for a way to support cognitive function with traditional herbs? This recipe includes tulsi and gotu kola for their brain-friendly attributes. Learn more over at the Herbal Academy!

Get the recipe for a brain boost tonic. (#affiliate)

7 ways to use tulsi everyday

This article by the Herbal Academy includes directions for making fresh tulsi juice, an infused tulsi ghee or honey, and as a mouthwash.

Read the article here. (#affiliate)

More tulsi recipes

Looking for more wonderful adaptogen recipes? You might enjoy my herbal recipe book, The Complete Guide to Adaptogens! You might also like my eBook, Tulsi for the Garden, Kitchen, and Home Apothecary.

A copy of the Adaptogens recipe book on a tray with fresh tulsi.
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